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Tips for coping at Christmas from North Somerset Wellbeing

11 December 2023

Many of us can struggle with our self-care as we deal with the challenges and perceived expectations of Christmas. Our…

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New Year, Same Me

11 December 2023

As 2024 approaches, it can be tempting to start making lists of new year’s resolutions. While it can be good…

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Origami butterflies and mindful crafting in North Somerset

8 December 2023

To coincide with this year’s World Mental Health Day, the Mindful Arts & Crafts group at North Somerset Wellbeing created…

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Owl Enlightenment: A haven of healing and hope on Somerset Moorland

5 December 2023

Owl Enlightenment, nestled in Somerset, offers a mindful haven with a collection of owls, founded by Michelle Blackmore. The Winston Innovation Fund has recently supported workshops promoting men’s mental health ready to start in 2024.

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Navigating adult ADHD

4 December 2023

Recovery Coach Jean Deacon opened up about her adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) diagnosis in a recent Learning Lunch…

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Embracing diverse holidays and celebrations

28 November 2023

As the festive holidays approach, Bristol Wellbeing College tutor Jasmine takes a look at different ways to feel fulfilled and find…

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