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Welcome to North Somerset Wellbeing

Our service is for adults living in North Somerset in need of mental health support. We aim to help people develop skills to manage their own mental wellbeing and recovery journey, reducing the need for mental health specialists. We do this by running group workshops, courses and activities using wellbeing college style techniques.

In response to Covid-19 restrictions, we have moved all our activities online. Our virtual wellbeing groups and courses take place on Zoom; you can also dial into these groups on your phone. If you have any questions regarding any of this, please contact us at NSWellbeing@second-step.co.uk to talk through your options.


Our Timetable

We have worked hard to ensure that our virtual offer contains a range of wellbeing courses and activities that help build resilience and promote wellbeing.

Please complete the booking form to secure your spot.

MondayShared Space 2-3pm
Shared Space has been created to offer a safe, flexible space to connect with others; bring an activity, do some crafts, or simply come to have a chat.
TuesdayMindfulness 12:30-13:30pm
This friendly group explores ways to take notice and be more aware of the present moment. See how mindful meditations, body scans and breathing exercises can help to relax your body and mind.

Therapeutic Art 2-3pm
A space for people to explore their creativity, encouraging them to discover new techniques along the way.
You don't need to be amazing at art, you just need a pen or pencil, some paper and a willingness to get stuck in!
Starting 30 March and running for six weeks.
WednesdayWellbeing Café 2-3pm
The wellbeing cafe is a kind and supportive space to learn skills and share understanding of mental wellbeing. The topics are decided by the group creating a wide and varied range of discussion.
ThursdayMove, Breathe, Relax 11-12pm
Come and find new ways to breathe and relax and discover more ease in mind and body. We will explore sensory awareness exercises to help reduce stress and tension.
FridayCreative Writing 12:30-13:30
The Creative Writing group encourages you to explore your creativity and emotions through writing exercises. You don't need to be an experienced writer or share your work but you may just find a new passion for writing!

You can take part in our activities if you are over 18, live in North Somerset. Please complete the referral form to register yourself or another person.

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Taster sessions

Why not try one of our pre-recorded Maintaining Wellbeing and Therapeutic Art YouTube sessions or our Mindfulness sessions. These will help you to understand the kind of activities we offer as well as providing you with some useful wellbeing techniques.

What Makes Me Well

In our #WhatMakesMeWell campaign we share stories of how art and creativity has kept clients from North Somerset Wellbeing well during Covid-19.

Creative Writing

Vicky starts our 'virtual art exhibition' off with her story about how creative writing has given her a purpose


Heather tells us about the Healing Power of Knitting

photograph of weston super mare at sun set


Zentangle Art

Vicky tells us about the healing power of zentangle art

Creative Writing

photograph of signet asleep


Creative Writing

Beth talk to us about how creative writing has helped her.

photography of pink spring flower


This lovely story shows the power of nature and photography.

painting of seluded beach, sky, sea and a treee


Andy tells us about how his art is his escape.

heavy wooded gates with large handles


Bethany closes the campaign with this thought-provoking poem.

News, resources and things to know

One of our volunteers Kara, has written a series of Covid-related blogs called 'Dear Friend' answering some of your mental health and wellbeing questions. You can find her blogs in the useful resources and ideas section below.

If you have any questions, please get in touch nswellbeing@second-step.co.uk or 0333 023 3504