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Equitable care for All: The LGBTQ+ healthcare evolution

27 February 2024

To coincide with LGBTQ+ History Month, our colleague Terry Starr has taken the time to reflect on this year’s theme of medicine, exploring historical discrimination in healthcare, and current efforts for equitable healthcare provision.

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Kingfisher mural under a Bristol flyover in Eastville

Saying no to criminalising people who are homeless

19 February 2024

You may have seen that the UK Government is trying to pass new laws that would criminalise sleeping on the…

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How a Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game provoked real-life change

12 February 2024

Recovery Coach Alex explains how role-playing in a fantasy game provided the safe space for a newfound reality and gave…

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Finding your voice on Time to Talk Day

1 February 2024

On Time to Talk Day 2024, our Digital Communications Officer, Jo, opens up about using her own voice. In an honest account, she reflects on supporting others with their mental health while avoiding the instinctive “Yeah, not too bad” response about her own.

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Looking out for the next generation – the importance of children’s mental health

30 January 2024

To mark Parents Mental Health day on 27 January, we asked Second Step Bank Team worker Emma to write about…

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Healing verses: poetry and prose from Community Rehabilitation

16 January 2024

Our Community Rehabilitation service in Bristol recently ran a creative writing group. Members met on Wednesday afternoons and wrote a mixture of…

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