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How to be an LGBTQIA+ ally: A workplace guide

19 June 2024

Recovery Navigator Phoebe Horrocks recently started volunteering as LGBTQIA+ lead for Second Step’s Community Rehabilitation service in Bristol. In this…

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A flat lay of a table with a checked table cloth. On the table is a potted plant with pink flowers, a full mug of tea, two plates of pastries and piles of leaflets showing information about support for carers, including from Second Step's Bristol Wellbeing College, Rethink Mental Illness and Avon and Wiltshire Partnership

Second Step’s Community Rehabilitation team and Bristol Wellbeing College host Carers’ Week Event

12 June 2024

To coincide with Carers’ Week, our Bristol Community Rehabilitation team and Bristol Wellbeing College organised an event for carers on…

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Saving lives in Somerset – an out-of-hours service on a mission

4 June 2024

In the last year, more than three thousand people have reached out for support from Crisis Safe Space, the out…

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“Just go for it. If you’re able to volunteer, it’s massively enriching to do so”

3 June 2024

When Charlie started mental health volunteering, his goal was to help people and make a difference. What he didn’t realise was how much volunteering would make a difference to his life too. 

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“I looked forward to riding Maverick every week.” How horse riding became one young woman’s passport home.

28 May 2024

It’s well known that horses can help our mental health, with a study by the British Horse Society revealing that horse riding stimulated many positive psychological feelings including reducing depression by 30%.

But for one young woman, who has spent the last 10 years in mental health units often under a section, horse riding became so much more than this. It helped her build her confidence and slowly but surely find the strength to return to life in the community.

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Sign up now: Free new course for carers in North Somerset starting 6 June 

21 May 2024

North Somerset Wellbeing is introducing a free, six-week course for carers (18 years and over) who provide support to adults…

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