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Welcome to our Wellbeing Colleges

We run workshops and activities to support and improve people’s mental health in two wellbeing colleges, one in Bristol and one in North Somerset.

We have prerecorded YouTube sessions on a range of topics such as Boost your Mood and Writing for Wellbeing which are available to everyone. And there are also blogs and stories from our learners and tutors which you can find below in our latest news and on Twitter and Instagram.

For people living in Bristol who have used Bristol Mental Health services, and their carers.  We also welcome patients of Inner City and East locality GP surgeries.
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For people living in North Somerset.
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Wellbeing Colleges News

Exploring mental health through the language of art – Poetry Without Words 2024

10 April 2024

Our Bristol Wellbeing College is delighted to announce the return of its annual art exhibition, Poetry Without Words, showcasing art…

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Tips for coping at Christmas from North Somerset Wellbeing

11 December 2023

Many of us can struggle with our self-care as we deal with the challenges and perceived expectations of Christmas. Our…

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New Year, Same Me

11 December 2023

As 2024 approaches, it can be tempting to start making lists of new year’s resolutions. While it can be good…

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Bristol man runs this Movember in aid of mental health service that changed his life

6 November 2023

Former Bristol Wellbeing College learner and Delivery Project Manager at Vattenfall Heat UK, part of Bristol City Leap, Rich Lee…

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Poetry Without Words 2023 – Approaching creativity without convention

20 June 2023

Poetry Without Words, our annual Bristol Wellbeing College art exhibition, is back. Immerse yourself in powerful art created by our…

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Poetry Without Words: Paul’s story

13 June 2023

Paul Hawkins is a poet, artist, publisher and former learner with our Bristol Wellbeing College. He now runs his own…

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Art, attention and ADHD awareness

9 December 2022

Our resident Bristol Wellbeing College blogger, Chrissy, writes about the experience of her mum being diagnosed with ADHD in her…

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National Schizophrenia Awareness Day – lessons we can all learn from those affected by schizophrenia

25 July 2022

For Schizophrenia Awareness Day, Bristol Wellbeing College learner and blogger Chrissy writes about mental health stigma and what we can learn from people living with schizophrenia.

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Combatting loneliness – step by step

15 June 2022

Bristol Wellbeing College learner, Chrissy, has shared her own insights into how finding the awe in the outdoors can help us cope with loneliness:

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How to go from distressed to destressed – wellbeing through release

17 May 2022

This week, our Bristol Wellbeing College blogger, Chrissy talks about how important it is to let your emotions out loudly and proudly.

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