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Person dancing
10 October 2018
Today, World Mental Health Day, marks the start of the Hope Projec
colourful pieces of fabric
9 October 2018
To mark World Mental Health Day the Senior Administrator for the Community Rehabilitation Service, Rachel Mansi, shares a personal blog about the importance of creativity.    
beach at Weston Super Mare
9 October 2018
Local charity Second Step is launching a
Second Step tenant Andrew Broomfield talks about his art
2 October 2018
Back in the 1980s Andrew Broomfield played bass guitar in a band called Secret Rhino.
27 September 2018
You can find our report and financial statement for the year ending 31 March 2018 
Person dancing
10 September 2018
A good friend of mine took his life by suicide around 8 years ago. I remember when I received the call from another friend. The day is etched in my mind.