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Paul's story Homeless Awareness Week 2018
15 February 2018
Paul lost his home and all his belongings while he was treated in a psychiatric unit under a section. For a couple of months his address was Callington Road Hospital, Bristol.
1 February 2018
It's that time of the year when things can feel a little bleak, and so what better than to share the things you do to help keep you well!  To that end we've rebooted our lovely Instagram campaign
Bristol Homeless Connect
20 December 2017
This week sees the launch of the Bristol Homeless Connect website, an online resource for those who are or are at risk of becoming homeles
11 December 2017
This has been a busy period for Second Step with the launch of our new brand and website and ending with the launch of our #PuttingMeFirst campaign and premiere of our film of the same name.
Members of the media group who recorded the christmas song
6 December 2017
Second Step's Media Group revamped Boney M's festive classic to celebrate the organisation's 30th birthday as only they know how.
Second Step winners at the 3rd Sector Care awards
6 December 2017
Second Step's Community Rehabilitation Service won the Collaboration (Integration) award