Coronavirus Update

We’re sorry to inform you we have suspended all Bristol Wellbeing College sessions until further notice. This means we won’t be delivering any group workshops, courses or activities, including our Wellbeing Café.

Please see below for our new online resources and how to contact us.

Bristol Wellbeing College

Bristol Wellbeing College is a place of wellbeing and learning for anyone interested in exploring ways to improve their mental health. Workshops and courses are free of charge to people receiving support from any of the organisations which deliver Bristol Mental Health services, including their carers. We’re proud that 90% of Bristol Wellbeing College learners report an improvement in their mental health and wellbeing.

New Online Resources

Second Step Wellbeing Colleges

Bristol Wellbeing College & North Somerset Wellbeing Service

We’re currently working with our colleagues at North Somerset Wellbeing Service to develop online tutorials, activities and resources for people using Bristol Mental Health services and their carers.

Maintaining Wellbeing Session 1 - Connection


Top tips and resources to help you manage your mental and emotional wellbeing in these unusual times:

Self Isolating - Things to do  

Ways of Connecting

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If you have any questions

Bristol Wellbeing College email

Tel 0117 914 5498 

North Somerset Wellbeing Service email

Tel 0333 023 3504


You can find more information about the college, eligibility and enrolment here.


Please note:

To attend sessions, you must complete our online booking form. Regretfully, Bristol Wellbeing College is unable to admit learners who are not enrolled.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, we will not be able to enrol you.  Instead, we shall be developing our online resources for your use.
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Our sessions

We have designed a colour-coded system so you can easily see which sessions are most appropriate for your own recovery journey.

Lighter sessions encouraging self expression, including through the use of sensory tools and activities.

Focused sessions providing helpful tools and strategies for better mental wellbeing.

In-depth sessions offering self-reflection, activities and tools to continue moving forward.

Sessions calendar

All our workshops, courses and activities are can be found below. Please click on the session title for more details.

You can also look at our current prospectus here.

Course name: Assertive Communication – WORKSHOP CANCELLED

What is the session about?

It’s an introduction to what we mean by assertive communication and how we can develop the skills to become more assertive.

Who is it for?

Anyone who finds it difficult to be assertive and to communicate effectively.

How is it taught?

Group and individual activities using laminated pictures, worksheets and scenarios. Learning is done through discussions and written work.

What will be learnt?

An understanding of what it means to be assertive and some practical tools and tips to try out.

Location: The Station, Silver Street, Bristol, BS1 2AG
Time: 10:30 to 12:30
Date: 6 March 2020
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Shane's story

"I can laugh at myself and with people"

Since getting involved with the Wellbeing College, Shane’s outlook on life has changed dramatically. Watch this short video to find out more.


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About the college

Bristol Wellbeing College was launched in 2014 by Second Step with the aim of giving people the recovery principles and practices to help them move forward in their lives.

Our wellbeing sessions include a range of short one-off workshops and longer multi-session courses held over a number of weeks. From managing depression, combatting isolation and writing for wellbeing, all the sessions help learners to gain a greater understanding of mental health problems, as well as developing the skills and strategies to improve self-management and recovery.

All of our workshops and courses are friendly and welcoming and are held in a variety of accessible venues across Bristol. All sessions have been designed and created by people who have experience of mental health problems, as well as mental health professionals. The College works with a number of like-minded organisations across the city.

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All workshops, courses and activities are free of charge to people receiving support from any of the organisations delivering Bristol Mental Health services, as well as to their carers. If you have any queries regarding eligibility please call us on 0117 914 5498 or email us at:

Attending Sessions and Learners' Charter

We are unable to accept walk-ins (people turning up to sessions on the day).
If you turn up on the day and your name isn't on the register, you may be asked to attend on another mutually agreed date. For more information, please read our learners' charter which provides learners with clear guidance on what to expect from Bristol Wellbeing College.

If you are interested in attending any of our wellbeing sessions please enrol here.