We have a quarterly newsletter called Second Step News telling you the latest developments at Second Step and sharing stories involving our staff, volunteers and people who use our services. You can sign up to our mailing list here and we'll send you the online version. See below for back issues.

20 March 2019
A pair of new boots, stepping into Somerset and building diversity all in our spring newsletter
Joe Clark from Second Step's Hope Project being
17 December 2018
A jammed packed Winter edition of our newsletter where we hear from Lauren about how she is using painting and writing to deal with her anxiety.  We also introduce our new Hope Project which is par
Two member of our United Peers Project talking and sharing their experiences of recovery
20 August 2018
We cover alot in this edition of our newsletter - from sharing recovery in our United Peers project, to our new film essay "Talking Mental Health Outside".  Also find our about our new film, Second
PuttingMeFirst Paul
14 May 2018
In our Spring newsletter we hear some inspiring stories from Paul who is telling his story as part of our #HomeEqualsHope campaign and Aisha who after speaking about her own experience has got poli
PuttingMeFirst Event
1 February 2018
It's that time of the year when things can feel a little bleak, and so what better than to share the things you do to help keep you well!  To that end we've rebooted our lovely Instagram campaign
Birthday Celebrations
5 October 2017
In this issue we share pictures from our 30th birthday celebrations.