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Life’s Only True Opponent

17 July 2019

Danger has a vulnerable face too

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I didn’t know I could paint.

3 July 2019

Jay’s world fell apart when his partner walked out on him while he slept. They’d been together for five years and he’d saved £10k for their wedding. He was holding down a good job at the time and was what you’d call a ‘functioning addict’

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Looking to the STARS…

1 July 2019

Stuart is chair of the new involvement group at Second Step which works with staff to improve the organisation’s services, STAR Improvement. STAR stands for shaping, teaching and responding and Stuart was instrumental in developing this new approach to involvement and coproduction at Second Step. Here Stuart explains why it means so much to him.

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Sylvia’s Fund

17 June 2019

Sylvia’s Fund is the brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross. Wanting to set up a fund that helped people’s mental health in small ways. We campaign for Sylvia’s Fund under #ItsTheLittleThings.

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Summer newsletter

13 June 2019

Life-saving beermats, summer get togethers and what makes you well? Our Summer newsletter is here.

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No Agenda

11 June 2019

This week’s guest contribution is from our student liaison co-coordinator, Ben Lilford. Under this long-winded title, Ben runs the College’s…

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