Our approach

You may come to us with very little or no hope at all. Feeling hopeless, isolated and alone, you may be despairing – finding yourself stuck in a difficult place.

We will work alongside you wherever you are and in whatever emotional state you are in. What’s more, we will work with you at your pace; always understanding that this is your situation, unique to you. We will show respect for you at all times – gently and sensitively acknowledging the possibilities for change that are specifically and specially framed for you.

Second Step Support Group

We employ people who have their own experiences of mental health

By listening, really listening we work together to discover the best way to recognise and achieve your goals. Our staff are uniquely placed to offer empathy and encouragement because many have used mental health and other support services in the past.

We’re proud that many of our frontline staff are employed specifically to share their mental health experiences with others. Our peer approach to support work is pioneering. Since 2009 we have employed peers across most of our services.


We also take a psychologically informed approach to our work. We actively take the time to learn from what we do and are continually updating our approach to remain at the forefront of good practice. This approach enables us to support people better and ensures we treat everyone who uses our services with respect, integrity and dignity to encourage them to flourish and achieve their full potential.

We recognise the courage it takes to change – however small that change may be. And we promise to stay with you and support you to be courageous as you discover coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with your problems and find your strength again. 

Together hope and courage are about recovery

Recovery is a very personal thing. Each person’s recovery is by its nature theirs and as such it’s unique. We recognise this and will not presume to know what’s best for you. Instead we work with you to build resilience, notice triggers, share our expertise, help mend relationships, and help you find a way that works for you.

Sometimes your recovery will be shaped by the symptoms of your mental health problems, other times it might be affected by other issues such as housing problems. We will always take an open-minded approach and look at the problems in the round noticing when change feels more possible. Together we will help you feel more hopeful and help you find ways to take more control of your life.