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Strategic plan 2023-26

Succeeding together – our strategic plan for Second Step

With input from the Board, staff teams, client involvement groups and partners, we’re delighted to launch our new three-year strategic plan which we’ve called: Succeeding Together.

Rooted in our values of hope & courage, succeeding together, building trust, celebrating diversity and learning & growing, this plan will shape our work through to 2026.

Chief Executive Aileen Edwards said:

“Our ambitious three-year plan is rooted in our values and embraced by the whole staff team. Throughout we will be focusing on embedding a strong culture: Together, with our community and lived experience partners alongside us, we are committed to supporting some of the most vulnerable people to make the most of their lives."

Our focus will be on four cultural shifts namely:

  • Building an inclusive culture where everyone thrives
  • Embedding our trauma-informed approach to ensure people have the best experience and outcomes
  • Valuing lived experience and working in partnership with our clients
  • Being an enabling organisation where everyone contributes fully to improve services and the system as a whole

These cultural shifts feed into our five core areas of work below:

  • Improve the way we work together
  • Build our reputation as experts in mental health provision
  • Continue to provide excellent services
  • Ensure we support more people with mental health and other complex needs; and
  • Build the infrastructure we need internally to make sure all of this happens.

You can read about the strategic plan in more detail here (links opens as PDF).


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