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Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

We believe in a world where everyone affected by mental health problems can create a positive future.

Our mission

We promote mental health and wellbeing by supporting people and communities to build brighter futures.

Our values

Believing in hope and courage rainbow

Believing in hope and courage

Recovery becomes a reality when we are confident, courageous and inspire hope in one another. This is when change can happen and we can achieve great things.

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Succeeding together

We’re at our best when we work together - staff, service users, carers and partners - making the most of each other’s talents and strengths.

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Building trust

When we act with integrity, when we strive to be honest with ourselves and those around us, we can build strong bonds of trust.

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Celebrating diversity

We value our differences, understanding that being kind and respectful to each other makes us strong.

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Learning and growing

By listening and thinking about how we can learn from our actions, we can help create real change for ourselves and inspire those around us.