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Media Group

Second Step has a dynamic media group run by service users, which works with local community media to promote recovery and wellbeing. Our strapline is: Speaking up for mental health.

Our vision

  • a socially inclusive group which offers recovery to its members through community radio, television and other media.
  • to give all members the opportunity to learn new skills.
  • a group which informs and entertains, giving members the opportunity to share their lived experiences.
  • to battle stigma and discrimination by getting mental health issues discussed and broadcast to a diverse audience through radio, television and other media.
  • to become the place where mental health is discussed in a healthy and non-discriminatory way.

What we do

We have around six members of the group currently and we meet for two hours every week in community sessions. Four of our members are service users and are looking to build this up to a team of eight.

We generally transmit six live shows a year on community radios stations Ujima, BCfm and BASE radio. We provide around three training sessions a year, offering members of the group both technical training and training in interviewing and presenting skills.

BCfm broadcasts at 93.2FM (between BBC Radio Three and BBC Radio Four on your FM dial). It’s a registered charity and exists to give airtime to the diverse communities of Bristol.

Ujima broadcasts at 98FM and is the multi-award winning home of black music culture and lifestyle. Visit ujimaradio.co.uk to find out more.

BASE Radio currently is streaming online only, but hopes to apply for an FM license in the near future.  They are a 24/7 community radio station looking to be the link for all areas of South Bristol. Visit baseradiobristol.co.uk