What we do

We offer specialist rehabilitation assessment, support and assistance to 100 people with longer-term or more complex mental health problems at any one time.

We generally support people for up to 12 months depending on people's goals. Some clients will receive intensive short-term care at Wellbridge House, others will receive longer-term support at home in the community.

Our aim is to reach all of Bristol’s communities and to ensure we do this we have developed strong links with a range of organisations across the city.

Our skilled and specialist team of experts, including peer workers with their own experience of mental health problems, offer clients support to manage their mental health effectively and live as independently as possible.

This support includes:

  • tools for wellbeing and recovery
  • psychological support
  • advice around medication
  • education and volunteering
  • help to find appropriate housing
  • and links to community resources and activities.

People with drug and alcohol problems are referred to specialist services when appropriate.


The service accepts referrals for people who are registered with a Bristol GP, have severe and enduring mental health problems and have previously received substantial intervention from secondary mental health services without resulting in a level of recovery that they would have wanted.

Most of the people we work with have had repeated hospital admissions or have difficulties with self-care, independent living or confidence.

Most of our referrals come from either recovery teams, early intervention services, or in-patient services where there is a current care coordinator allocated.

We ask that if a referral is being made that agreement is sought from the client and the care coordinator.

For more information about the Community Rehabilitation Service call 0117 909 6372 or email  communityrehabilitationservice@second-step.co.uk

Client stories