Second Step staff on the shortlist for Great Practice Awards 2021

We are pleased to announce that a number of our staff members have been shortlisted for a Golden Key Great Practice Award. The Golden Key partnership brings about change at every level for Bristol citizens with the most complex needs and their Great Practice Awards reflect this aspiration, celebrating the work of individuals, organisations and networks that are creating systemic change across the city.

Second Step staff have been shortlisted in the following categories:

On hearing that she and Rachel had been nominated, Jo said

I feel truly honoured. The work Rachel and I passionately do in this important area to pioneer the much needed change [of services becoming psychological, adversity and trauma informed] for those using services, and to enhance the well-being of workers within them, could only be achieved with the support and enthusiasm of all those around us, including some amazing voices of lived experience whom have been involved and included as we journey forth to co-develop this vision together.

Sally Easton, head of Bristol Wellbeing College said

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the award! Many thanks to whoever nominated us. This year has seen us cited for good practice for our digital inclusion strategy and we are also celebrating the success of our collaborative work with learners. This is showcased in our highly innovative Poem Brut Course.

Expression is crucial to wellbeing but often difficult, especially for those who have experienced trauma and mental health challenges. The course is written and co-delivered by a College STAR Group learner and professional in his field. It provides a unique and powerful medium of expression that has been described as “life changing” by learners. It has also resulted in an independent peer group. We are very grateful to Second Step colleagues, College staff and most of all, to our learners for their vital ‘expert by experience’ input.

Sophie Baillie added:

I was so surprised and honoured to have been shortlisted for the ‘Cultivating Change’ award. I strive to empower those I work with, encouraging them to work with autonomy and try to support a culture of system change wherever possible. To have that recognised by my colleagues with was a fantastic feeling.

Alice Mahood, Head of Voluneering said:

The Volunteering service and our volunteers are so grateful for our nomination. The last two years have been a challenge for everyone and our team are so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with fantastic and motivated individuals willing to give up their time to help others.

We continue to develop our skills and knowledge by building authentic and recovery based relationships between volunteers and our service users

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Watershed on Thursday 7 October 2021 (5.30-7.30pm). You can book your free tickets here. Congratulations and good luck to all!

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