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STAR Involvement

From the start, involvement and coproduction have been extremely important to Second Step. For the last 30 years we have worked with the people who use our services to ensure their voices are centre stage, listened to and acted upon.

Coproduction opportunities

Today we have a number of active coproduction groups (see below) where people who use services work with staff in particular areas of the organisation including recruitment, assessing and shaping service delivery. We also have up to two people who use, or have used, our services on the Board.

Take a look at our current opportunities here.

Following Second Step's successful 2017 rebrand and the introduction of a new rallying cry of Putting Mental Health First, our involvement groups decided they too wanted a new look to reflect the importance of the work they do.

Shaping, teaching & responding

Working closely with Second Step's communications team and branding experts, we've come up with a new name: STAR, a new strapline and a new logo.

The acronym stands for: shaping, teaching and responding - reflecting the work we do and the vision we have that:

  • Second Step's ethos and services are shaped by the people who use them
  • Our ongoing involvement allows for learning and change
  • Together we can create an organisation where the people who use the services are respected, heard and who work with staff in a proactive and collaborative way
  • The culture of us and them, of professional and client (service user or patient) is a thing of the past.

STAR groups

In short, STAR is the name of our  involvement and coproduction approach at Second Step. If you'd like to find out more, please do get in touch by emailing: star@second-step.co.uk or take a look at the latest STAR involvement opportunities here.

Below you can see our STAR coproduction groups:

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