Sylvia’s Fund

Sylvia’s Fund is the brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross. Wanting to set up a fund that helped people’s mental health in small ways. We campaign for Sylvia’s Fund under #ItsTheLittleThings.

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Our #WhatMakesMeWell campaign is back for the summer. Kicked off with this one minute film from our Communications Manager.

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Our social media campaigns

At Second Step we are determined to find the time and space for the people who use our services to share their ideas and thoughts about what keeps them well and how they cope with life’s difficulties. From time to time we turn this work into social media campaigns to share our thinking more widely.

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Without a home, I had no future

Paul lost his home and all his belongings while he was treated in a psychiatric unit under a section. Paul said: “It was horrific to lose everything”.

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Recent posts

Sylvia's Fund#GetReal – helping prevent male suicide#WhatMakesMeWellOur social media campaigns#PuttingMeFirst - capturing people’s stories of hope, courage and change