Growth, a poem – Black History Month 2023

Growth, a beautiful poem shared with us by one of our Second Step colleagues this Black History Month:

I’ve become things I didn’t know I could be,

In moments of doubt my 16 year old self stares back at me,

Is this your place in front of a class and just how did you get that A+ pass?

No home, no school, drugs and alcohol became my mask, on the outskirts of society was where I felt cast.

Family, teachers, and workers had low hopes, but,

​​​​​​​I rose defiant from smoky rooms, to show those who doubted how well I would cope.

Back then I didn’t see positive representation of what I could be, but now I see the authentic version of me.

And beautiful brown faces everywhere for everyone to see, for the youth of today and tomorrow to inspire to be.


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