Who are the women who inspire you? 

This International Women’s Day, we’re joining in with the themes of Inspiring Inclusion and Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress. We asked our colleagues who are the women who inspire you and why? From family members to public figures and campaigners, here are some of the incredible women they nominated: 

Hilary Mantel because to my mind she’s the greatest novelist of not just this generation but any generation. My Grandma who made it to a grand old age and didn’t take any nonsense (especially from men) and Kate Bush because, well because she’s Kate Bush!” 

Andy Warren, Deputy CEO 

My mum, who continues to overcome her mental health struggles every single day, and now runs her own business.”  

Sarah Cox, Service Manager 

Patti Smith, a trailblazing artist and poet, whose resilience, creativity, and fearlessness make her a remarkable role model.  

Greta Gerwig, a feminist icon, an impactful contributor to filmmaking and an advocate for women’s voices in the industry. 

Jackson Cox, Volunteering Team 

Who are the women who inspire you? 

Let us know on Instagram or X @wearesecondstep, on LinkedIn, or email us at prandcomms@second-step.co.uk.  

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