Horse riding to help healing

Becky applied to our grant-giving Sylvia’s Fund to go horse riding for the day. She had recently came out of hospital and was just beginning to get her life started again. Becky’s said: “I’d been struggling to get out of the house and felt like this would be a really positive experience for me, to build my confidence and enthusiasm for life again.”

Maria, from Wapley Stables in Bristol, where Becky visited said: “Horses are such beautiful animals and help with all kinds of mental health issues. Just being in their presence can be so healing.”

Becky added: “I enjoyed my day immensely and would very much like go again – hopefully to start volunteering!” 

You can find photos capturing the day in the gallery below.

Sylvia’s Fund was set up specifically to help people who use Second Step services with their recovery. The brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross, it gives small grants of up to £50 to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing. So far several people have benefited from the grants including Martin who was able to buy a new pair of walking boots, and Andrew who sold his paintings overseas and used the grant to help pay for the postage and packing of his picture to send to its new owner. Other grants have been used for gym membership, haircuts, and wifi dongles.

Anyone currently using a Second Step service is eligible to apply for a grant, though applications are restricted to one per year. To apply complete the application form and return it to

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