#ItsTheLittleThings – Sylvia’s Fund

We have two funds available to our clients to help make their lives easier. One offers small grants to buy them the little things that make all the difference; the other offers larger sums towards items or projects that encourage connection. Applications for the funds are made through our staff and support workers, and are only available for people using Second Step services. 


It’s The Little Things - 

Making big differences to people’s lives 


It’s The Little Things is a grant-giving fund to help people who use Second Step services with their recovery. The brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross, it gives small grants of up to £50 to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Using the hashtag #ItsTheLittleThings, we promote the fund and the difference it can make to people’s lives on social media.  Isabella said: “I was taught that it’s the little things that make the greatest difference, and I feel this fund shows Second Step’s core values of hope and courage”. 

Dozens of people have benefited from the £50 grants including Jamie who got some fishing equipment to help get into nature and socialise, Max who got a Kindle Fire Tablet, and an email address for the first time, and Jo whose microwave meant she could cook herself a hot meal. 

Other grants have been issued for things like new bedding, train tickets and haircuts – little things that make a huge difference. 

Anyone currently using a Second Step service is eligible to apply for a grant, though applications are restricted to one per year.  

For further information and to receive the It’s The Little Things fund grant-giving form, email: fundraising@second-step.co.uk. 

Connections fund – helping people connect 

The Connections fund was originally started during Covid to support Second Step clients who may have felt isolated and alone to rebuild connections. 

Through grants from £50 to £300, the fund helped clients establish essential new online connections. The grants were used to buy laptops, tablets, online courses and training to help use the equipment. Now the fund is used to make those vital in-person connections too. 

The pandemic left many people isolated. Vicky, who has bipolar, was worried her mental health problems would get worse when we went into lockdown and the groups she was attending had to stop. I had been using the North Somerset Wellbeing service to help manage my anxieties and as my support network. It was my safe place where I have been able to be me and get the support I’ve needed. I was very worried when lockdown meant we couldn’t meet up anymore, but my group went on Zoom and it worked really well for me. I even joined new groups and these helped to keep me well.” 

Andy Warren, Deputy Chief Executive, explains, “As we navigate a post-lockdown world people are still facing challenges. Staying connected is as important as it’s ever been, which is why we’ve decided to keep the fund going. And to encourage connections that aren’t only internet-based, the fund can also now be used towards in-person courses, activities and projects.”  

For further information and to receive the Connections fund form, email: fundraising@second-step.co.uk.