Sylvia’s Fund

Sylvia’s Fund is a grant giving fund to help people who use Second Step services with their recovery. The brainchild of one of our support workers, Isabella Cross, it gives small grants of up to £50 to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Using the hashtag #ItsTheLittleThings, we promote Sylvia’s Fund and the difference it can make to people’s lives on social media.

Isabella said: “My Nan has always taught me it’s the little things that make the greatest difference, and I feel this fund shows Second Step’s core values of recovery, hope and courage”.

So far several people have benefited from the £50 grants including Martin who got a new pair of walking boots, and Andrew who sold his paintings overseas and paid for the postage with the grant.

Other grants which have been issued have been used for gym membership, haircuts, and a wifi dongle.

Anyone currently using a Second Step service is eligible to apply for a grant, though applications are restricted to one per year. To apply complete the application form and return it to Communications Manager Jane Edmonds If you have any queries don’t hesitate to call on 07841 777401

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