Workshop and courses descriptors

We have a range of in-person and online wellbeing courses and workshops. You can take part in these if you are over 18 and live in North Somerset.  You can find the dates of our upcoming courses and workshops here.

If you would like to book a place on a workshop or course, please complete the referral/booking form found here.

5 Ways to Wellbeing workshop

The 5 ways to wellbeing are 5 areas we can include in our daily routine, which have been shown to improve our sense of wellbeing. In the session we will look at each of the ‘5 ways’ and explore how we can incorporate them every day. The 5 ways to wellbeing are: connection, being active, learning, taking notice and giving.


Building Resilience workshop

In this workshop we will explore how we can cope and carry on when life is difficult. How we can build our resilience to the stresses of life, looking at how our thoughts and behaviours may affect our resilience.


Coping with Low Mood workshop

In this workshop we will look at what happens to us when we have low mood/ depression, the cycle of low mood and some tools and strategies to help manage low mood/depression.


Creative workshops

Being creative can improve positive emotions and reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Creativity can be used to express our thoughts and feelings, promoting connection with others and the world around us and simply having fun.

You do not need artistic ability; everyone can be creative. Some of the things we will do in these  workshops include: drawing and painting, creative writing, and forms of creativity.

Drawing: Getting creative can be a great way to express yourself and explore emotions. In these drawing workshops, we will learn new techniques, such as zentangling, asemic writing and object drawing, as well as exploring mindfulness through art. Art can be a positive way to improve your wellbeing and this group also creates a space for social connection

Creative writing: Using the written word we will explore the freedom writing allows through self-expression, self-awareness, and being curious about our emotions. Some of the techniques we will use are, stories, poetry, music, and using our senses.

Mindful painting: Painting mindfully is all about the process not the end result. It allows self-expression with no judgement. We will explore different painting techniques which will naturally reduce stress as it draws us in the zone of being in the present moment.


Food and Mood course

This course looks at the importance of balanced diet and a regular eating pattern in improving and maintaining both mental and physical wellbeing. The course will also focus on how disordered eating may develop as a coping mechanism and focuses on a range of skills that may help us to invoke change. We will also explore the ideas of both mindful and intuitive eating and steps we can take to improve our overall relationship with food.


Improving Self- Esteem and Confidence workshop

In this session we will explore what can have a negative effect on our self-esteem, tools to help combat this and improve our self-esteem and confidence. We will think about how to challenge those unhelpful thoughts and be compassionate to ourselves.


Managing Anxiety workshop

This workshop will look at some of the common causes of anxiety, understand what’s happening in our body when we feel anxious and learn some tools and strategies to help us manage our symptoms.


Menopause workshop: support & relationships

In this workshop we will be discussing how to get help during the menopause: from your doctor through to your friends and family. We will also talk about menopause in the workplace and your rights at work.


Menopause workshop: the physical & psychological effects

This workshop will be covering all the ways in which the menopause affects your health, the different stages of menopause and the treatments available to you.


Mindfulness workshop

The benefits of Mindfulness in improving our mental health and overall wellbeing have been well documented. Mindfulness is about living in the present moment. In these workshops we will explore what Mindfulness is, how we can incorporate it into our everyday life and practice some relaxing Mindfulness exercises.


Understanding and Managing Anger course

This course will focus on understanding and managing anger and outbursts. The course will look at triggers, and the physical and emotional signs that occur when you begin to experience anger. The course will also explore coping strategies and skills aimed at helping you to manage and reduce feelings of anger, both in the short-term and longer-term.


Understanding and Managing Emotional Intensity course

This online course promotes a safe and accepting exploration of intense emotions and emotional crisis. It will help people better understand their own experiences of intense emotions as well as provide emotion recognition, emotion regulation and distress tolerance skills. The course also looks at maladaptive behaviours, how they develop, their purpose and how to replace them with something better. We also explore interpersonal relationships, helping to identify negative relationship patterns and how to help break these cycles.


Wellbeing Cafes

An opportunity to come together to share ideas and experiences in a safe, welcoming environment.