Wellbeing activities, workshop and courses descriptors

We provide a range of free workshops, courses and group activities which are open to adults (over 18yrs) who live in North Somerset or are registered with a GP in North Somerset. Our sessions are designed to explore, improve and maintain our mental health and wellbeing. You can find the dates of our upcoming wellbeing activities, workshops and courses here.

If you would like to book a place on any of our wellbeing activities, workshops or courses, please complete the booking form found here.

To find out what's going on in July - August 2024, you can view our current prospectus here.


Managing Anxiety (1.5 hours on-line or 2 hours in-person)

This workshop will look at some of the common causes of anxiety, understand what's happening in our body when we feel anxious and learn some tools and strategies to help us manage our symptoms.

Increasing our Confidence for Wellbeing (1 hour per session*)

Part 1 - Building our Self Esteem

In this first workshop we will explore what affects our levels of self-esteem and how it can affect our daily life. It will include looking at different tools you can use to improve the way we view ourselves and build our confidence.

Part 2 - Becoming More Assertive

The aim of the second workshop is to understand how we communicate assertively and effectively to improve our confidence. Through developing new skills, we can feel more comfortable when being assertive and improve our active listening. The workshop will also help you to become more aware of how you communicate and understand other people by finding ways to express thoughts and feelings honestly and respectfully.

Coping with Low Mood (1.5 hours on-line or 2 hours in-person*)

In this workshop we will look at what happens to us when we have low mood/ depression, the cycle of low mood and some tools and strategies to help manage low mood/depression.

Food & Mood - (1 hours on-line*)

This stand-alone session looks at how we can improve our mental wellbeing through
diet and nutrition. We will also focus on the importance of a balanced diet as well as
what foods can help us to ‘feel good’ naturally.


Understanding & Managing Emotional Intensity (each module online 1 hour)

Our course runs as individual modules where you can pick and choose the sessions most relevant to you! You are free to select as many of the modules as you like! Below is a short description of each to get you started.

Emotional Intensity Module 1- Recognising and naming emotions - Identifying triggers and responses.

Emotional Intensity Module 2- Emotion regulation skills. Learning skills to help decrease the intensity of unpleasant emotions and modifying how we respond to our emotions.​

Emotional Intensity Module 3- Understanding unhealthy coping behaviours. Helping to recognize unhealthy coping behaviours and explore alternatives.

Emotional Intensity Module 4 (part one) Distress Tolerance - Skills to effectively work through a period of crisis or distress.​

Emotional Intensity Module 4 (part two) Distress Tolerance Skills 

Emotional Intensity Module 5        Boundaries (part one)                 Relationships (part two)                  Identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships, saying “no”, getting our needs met. Interpersonal effectiveness skills.​

Rediscovering a Healthy Relationship with Food (3 x modules - 1 hour each online*)

This course looks at the importance of a balanced diet and a regular eating pattern in improving and maintaining both mental and physical wellbeing. The course will also focus on how disordered eating may develop as a coping mechanism and focuses on a range of skills that may help us to invoke change. We will also explore the ideas of both mindful and intuitive eating and steps we can take to improve our overall relationship with food.

Understanding and Managing Anger (4 x modules - 1 hour each online*)

This course will focus on understanding and managing our anger and outbursts. The
course will look at triggers, and the physical and emotional signs that occur when you
begin to experience anger. The course will also explore coping strategies and skills aimed at helping you to manage and reduce feelings of anger both in the short-term and long-term.

Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing space and Mindful Arts & Crafts (2 hours in-person, runs weekly)

The first half of the group is our WELLBEING SPACE and provides an opportunity to come together to share ideas and experiences in a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment. The topics are decided by the group creating a wide and varied range of discussions and activities. Following a short coffee-break the second half of the group is MINDFUL ARTS & CRAFTS which focuses on creativity to support our wellbeing. This will encompass both a mindfulness practice and an arts and crafts activity. You are welcome to stay for one or both sessions but please book separately for each session in advance.

Wellbeing Space (1 hour on-line*, runs weekly)

This group offers the opportunity to come together to share ideas and experiences in a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment.

Writing for Wellbeing (1.5 hours on-line*, runs weekly)

Writing for Wellbeing is a group of people who come together to share words they’ve written (i.e. a poem, short story) which expresses their feelings/experiences on any given topic. The group also choose topics together where they can express themselves and have fun with words, create pictures and share ideas. You only share your writing with the group if you feel comfortable doing so.

Mindfulness (30 minutes on-line, runs weekly)

Mindfulness is about living in the present moment; in these sessions we will explore what mindfulness is, how we can incorporate it into our everyday life and practice some relaxing mindfulness exercises.

Wellbeing Walks (2 hours - meeting point given on booking, runs monthly)

Walking is not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health, as it helps us to get out, connect with nature and also provide an opportunity to explore new places and meet people. Each walk will be held at a different location and will be suitable for any ability. At the end of the walk there will be the opportunity to have refreshments in a local café.