Books focusing on men's mental health

A study by the University of Sussex found reading for as few as six minutes per day reduced stress by 68%. Reading or listening to an audio book also has the physical benefits of reducing your heart rate and easing muscle tension.

We have put together 15 books focusing on men's mental health, these include real stories from men, life changing advice and journals to help put wellness prompts into practice. Most of these books are available to buy locally or on Amazon, audible books also available.

Click on each image for link to book.

Man Down: A guide for Men on Mental Health - Charlie Hoare

How to stop feeling so damn depressed - Jonas A. Horwitz PhD

Man Alive: The health problems men face -
Dr Jeff Foster

Reasons to stay alive - Matt Haig

Anxious Man: Notes on a life lived nervously -
Josh Roberts

Men's Health: All you need to know in one manual - Jim Pollard

This book could help: The men's head space - Rotimi Akinsete

How to grow up and feel amazing: The guide for boys - Dr Ranj

One minute a day: Daily gratitude journal for men

The running drug: How a running addiction - Tim Beynon

Behind the mask: My autobiography -
Tyson Fury

Mandemic: A tale of a man who didnt like to be told what to do

Battle Scars: Story of war and all that follows - Jason Fox

Boys don't cry: Why I hid my depression -  Tim Grayburn

Mental Health Journal for Men: Creative prompts - Ryan Howes