Men's Mental Health Resources

Here you can find out more about men's mental health.


Films and videos

Under the Soil on Amazon takes an unyielding look at the current mental health crisis in British Agriculture

Roman Kemp documentary  Our silent emergency. Roman Kemp explores the mental health and suicide crisis affecting young men


The Full Treatment (6 part series). Developed with CALM, Celebrities talk about their mental wellbeing


CALM campaign video with Tyson Fury, The Invisible Fight:

Tom Ridgewell Non-Depressing Depression Video. Does lots of silly videos but is quite open about his depression. Also into gaming.

Calum McSwiggan.  Does videos around his experiences of being in the LGBTQ+ community and this one focusses on depression (language warning)

Daniel Howel. Daniel shares his story about having depression


Ted Talk: We need to talk about male suicide by Steph Slack

Ladbible: U ok m8 campaign.

Skating and Talking. Ben Raemers was a world-famous skateboarder who took his own life. His death sparked a mental health movement in the skateboarding community.



Mdmotivator regularly shares mental health related content to help others

Dr Julie Smith, UK Phycologist:

Dr Julie Smith  a Modern Therapist On a mission to reduce the stigma around mental health by talking openly about the things we all go through.

Gambling Guard Gambling addiction support based on personal experiences


Humen. Preventing men from suffering in silence & dying too young


Charles Macksey does lovely simple drawings that aim to promote wellbeing.

Life without Anxiety. Encouraging post-it notes.

Alex George. The Dr from Love Island. Does lots around mental health and anti-bullying.

Luke Ambler. Founder of Andy’s Man Club UK and #it’soktotalk

Gambling Guard. Gambling addiction support based on personal experiences

Haleem Clift. Somerset lad, shares his experiences of his mental health journey and encourages younger people to achieve success.

Ben Raemers Foundation. Aims to end the stigma that often clouds issues of mental health within the skateboarding community

Papers and reports

Unbreakable Men Manual. Created to allow men to feel at ease with the conversation around mental health, obliterate the taboo around the subject and allow sports clubs to become open environments on this topic.

From the Samaritans: Real People, Real Stories.