Time to Talk – The Power of Small

It was Time to Talk day on Thursday (4 February), to celebrate we have run a week of social media sharing stories from clients and staff talking about how small conversations have made a difference.

Monday February 1

We shared Dave’s story of helping a client who had no food.

Tuesday February 2

Lucy talked to us about how the Safe Haven team have helped her.

Wednesday February 3

We shared Christian’s story of receiving help from the Hope Project

Thursday February 4

We continued Christian’s story and showed our video of him chatting with Communications Manager, Jane Edmonds.

Friday February 5

Today we are sharing a blog post written by our Digital Officer, Claire about the people that make a difference in managing her mental health.

We’ve enjoyed sharing these small things with you, what small things/conversations have you been having this week? Share with us on our Twitter page.

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