Last minute hope for suicide prevention project

Former Hope Project client, Christian, made a heartfelt plea to a group of health commissioners in a bid to save suicide prevention project, Hope.

Hope supports men aged between 30 and 64 in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire by offering emotional and practical support at a critical time in their lives. Since 2018, when the project began, Hope has supported nearly 400 men.

Christian’s moving words were shown at an early morning Teams call last week as mental health charity Second Step put forward the case for continuing support. He said Hope had changed his life and he hoped it now could be saved too. You can watch Christian’s video message below.

Hope, which was set up by national suicide prevention funding three years ago, is due to end in April unless new money can be found.

Health commissioners also heard from Nav Kapur, Professor of Psychiatry and Population Health at Manchester University.

He said that Hope is a unique project supporting men in middle age who are struggling with suicidal thoughts and self-harm. He said Hope is a national exemplar for other parts of the country and hoped it would continue its good work. You can watch Professor Kapur’s video message below.

You can find out more about Hope here.

If you are struggling right now and need someone to turn to there is support available. Here are some 24/7 helplines:

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