HSBC launch ‘no fixed address’ service

HSBC are working with housing and homelessness charities, like Second Step, to help people without a fixed home address to open a bank account. This gives them a safe place to keep and spend money they get from work or benefits, as well as a way to spend or save towards their future.

Andrew Kirby, Partnership and Learning Manager at our Step Together service said:

I’ve been pursuing a partnership with HSBC in Somerset and their access for all scheme and now really pleased to say this service is now available for all Second Step staff to refer someone who does not have a permanent address.

This partnership has huge benefits for us, our clients and also for HSBC as their service will be increased by 10% nationally.

You can find out more at the HSBC website here including who can apply. Second Step clients can also speak to their support worker if they qualify and would like to take it up.

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