Living in my car, but life’s ok

Dan’s been living in his car in Clevedon for more than two years. He says it’s hard and especially so now that he’s given up smoking weed, his drug of choice for many years.

“I’ve been clean for a month and a half now and so I really feel the cold in the car. Before I used to smoke and then pass out.”

Didn’t care anymore
For the last two years life has been really tough for Dan, who’s 32.  He lost his job, his home and then his relationship broke down and he hit rock bottom.

He took to driving around in his car, high on weed, not caring if he lived or died.

One evening, he was found by his brother sitting with all his belongings in the freezing cold in a bush following a particularly low day. His brother took him to A&E. He was admitted over night and then discharged the following morning with the number of the Hope Project.

Meeting Joe
He called Hope and it wasn’t long before he arranged to meet one of the Hope team, Joe. Then the hard work of putting his life back together began.

“When I first met Joe I was in a really bad way. I couldn’t see any hope or any future at all.”

Gradually after his sessions with Joe, Dan began to feel more hopeful and less overwhelmed by his situation. He now realises he doesn’t want to die: he wants to live, he wants to work and he wants to mend his relationship.

He’s determined to stay away from cannabis and he’s confident things are changing for him in the right direction. However, he’s still living in his car and although he’s applied for work he isn’t working yet. Nevertheless he’s applying for a number of jobs and is confident that he will get a driving job and so be able to start saving for a his first month’s rent.

“It’s simple really, Joe saved my life. I’ve finished my session with Joe and I still check in with him regularly by phone to let him know how things are going.”

Watch Dan talk about his experience at the launch of our #GetReal campaign and how the Hope Project helped him

The Hope Project provides short-term emotional and practical support for men aged between 30 and 64, specifically those who are in psychological distress or have recently self-harmed, but are not currently using other mental health services.

The Hope Project team are experienced and skilled support workers keen to make a difference and save lives. To find out more or to make a referral and talk to a member of the Hope team, please call: 0117 4288 930 or email

Dan is backing our #GetReal campaign in a bid to encourage other men like him to seek help when life gets too much.

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, please call 111 or call the Samaritans for free on 116 123 or email

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