George Floyd Day

Today Jason (shown above) from our STAR Diversity group has written some powerful words to commemorate the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s tragic death. A huge thank you to Jason for sharing on this hugely important day. At Second Step we’re working with Jason and the STAR Diversity group to address racism within our organisation – a direct result of the Black Lives Matter movement asking questions last year following George Floyd’s horrific death.

I had a DREAM
As a ” Lical Boy “that Hopes and Dreams were Possible

I had HOPE
As a young man that the Death of Steven Lawrence on the 23rd April 1993 would make a difference to my life and to all lifes of people of colour!

9mins 29secs 25 May 2020
George Floyd’s life ebbing away

The World stood together against People Experiencing Racial Inequalities
BLM to ALL LIVES MATTER and the Colston tear down 7 June 2020

21 April 2021 guilty verdicts were read out to Police Officer Derek Chauvin UNANIMOUS!

I feel SAD
Lives are still being lost through Racism Hate Brutality by systems and individuals who are products of these systems.
23 May 2021 Sasha Johnson BLM activist victim – Our Prayers are with you, Sister

I feel FEAR NOW!
That Hopes and DREAMS for my Son MY ‘lical Boy’ has more QUESTIONS than answers.

To write this because the Struggle is REAL, and we the PEOPLE as individuals and collectives need to carry on taking visible actions not just talk.

George Floyd
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