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The tragic death of George Floyd in America in May 2020 sparked protests across the world and prompted a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. It was this that moved us to look at the way we as individuals and as an organisation behave towards people from black, Asian, minority, ethnic, BAME* communities, and in particular, to review our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy.

What are we doing?

We reviewed our processes and procedures, and carried out a staff consultation, and introduced a new structure to look at addressing the issue of racism in the workplace. We’re now in the process of creating new groups to start our work together.

Here you can find how we are proposing to do this work[opens as a PDF]

Watch this space for updates on this hugely important work, which has become a priority for all of us, from our Board and Senior Leadership Team, through to all our services and project teams.

We value our differences, understanding that being kind and respectful to each other makes us strong.

More information and resources

Opal Tometi, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter tells her story here.

*We are currently using the acronym BAME. We know there is discussion about the use of this term, and we will be talking to colleagues about this in the coming weeks.

Second Step, along with many local organisations, is a signatory to Bristol City Council’s Equalities Charter.

For more information please go to the Community Access Support Service (CASS).