In September 2017, National mental health campaigner Jonny Benjamin, who backed Second Step’s #WhatMakesMeWell campaign, joined our volunteer Claire Robinson-Ayres on BBC Radio Bristol. They spoke to Breakfast Show host Emma Britton about the campaign and why it is important.

#WhatMakesMeWell promotes looking after your mental health by doing the simple things in life, things which make you feel well and happy.

To relaunch the campaign this summer, Communications Manager, Jane Edmonds has made this video to share her WhatMakesMeWell story.

Since I was young we’ve been going to The Ford – our secret Gloucestershire hideaway.

A ford is the place where a shallow stream travels across a road. You reach our ford by walking down a country lane through a dabbled tunnel of overhanging trees. As you get nearer, the noise of the stream becomes louder, and we get excited to see if our special place is still as we remembered it.

And, sure enough, every time the ford comes into view our spirits soar. The water has formed still pond, only shaken up by the occasional farm vehicle splashing through. We skim pebbles across the water and sit next to the Cotswold stone bridge listening to the water as it gurgles through its arches.

I try and visit every season and have been there in every weather. I’ve taken all my children, and now I take my granddaughter.
It is particularly gorgeous there in early summer which is why I made this little film.

Twitter follower @outdoorperscrip sent us these photos and commentary as her contribution to the campaign.

I prefer #whatkeepsmegrounded My garden, the comradary of caving, swimming outdoors and my local nature patch, Stoke Park. I may not be well but they help me manage.

To take part in the #WhatMakesMeWell campaign please post a photo or video to Twitter or Instagram to explain what it is you do to keep well with a short explanation. Don’t forget to use the hashtag so that we can share it. Alternatively, send an email with your contribution to claire.robinson@second-step.co.uk and we will post it on our social media for you.

You can follow our campaign on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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