Poetry Without Words 2023 – Approaching creativity without convention

Poetry Without Words, our annual Bristol Wellbeing College art exhibition, is back. Immerse yourself in powerful art created by our learners in our free six-week ‘Poem Brut’ course – view our virtual Poetry Without Words exhibition here.

About Poetry Without Words

Poetry Without Words is an exhibition of artwork created by learners in Bristol Wellbeing College’s free six-week art course run by poet, artist, publisher and former learner, Paul Hawkins.

The course is inspired by Poem Brut, a creative movement that explores the connection between wellbeing and art. Our course teaches attendees to approach creativity and writing without the limitations of tradition or convention and to instead approach it freely without judgment, taking from their own experiences and experimenting.

Since 2020, we’ve had great feedback from Poetry Without Words attendees about their experience on the course, with many grateful to have a space to be creative without judgment, and a sense of community through art and wellbeing.

Here’s what one of our recent attendees, Caz, had to say:

“I almost talked myself out of attending this course due to my severe anxiety. I was petrified of meeting new people and my artistic skills were non-existent. I had just embarked on giving up alcohol and I was facing my anxiety and depression. I have finished the course 3 months alcohol free, and I have loved every minute of this course. I have met lovely people and discovered an artistic side of myself that has been very therapeutic and long hidden away. I now allow myself time each week to create which is just wonderful and very healing.”

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Header artwork by Robyn.