Sharing recovery

“From the first meeting I felt this could be amazing, we both speak about our problems and we help each other.” So says volunteer mentor Simon about befriending and working with Andrew as part of the United Peers or UP Project.

Recovery can be a shared experience and that’s what the UP Project is about. It aims to help people struggling with homelessness and mental health problems by pairing them with a volunteer mentor who has faced similar problems in the past.

Andrew and Simon are an inspiring example of the positive impact of volunteer peer support. Andrew has been Simon’s mentee for the last nine months and they have developed a strong friendship.

“Spending time with Simon has made me feel important again,” said Andrew, who is winning his fight against anxiety and is learning to trust once more.

We are currently making a film about Andrew and Simon’s amazing relationship where you will be able to witness first hand how the UP Project creates positive change – two lives at a time!

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