Service User Involvement Groups

How do we involve people who use our services in what we do?

A survey of people using Second Step services in 2015 shows 94% describe their support as good (32%) or very good (62%). This high percentage has been consistent over the years and is testament to the approach Second Step takes to everyone who uses its services.

The organisation believes the voices of the people who use its services belong at the heart of the organisation. We are eager to learn from the expertise of current and former service users and their carers and we offer a wide range of ways for staff and service users to work in partnership. 

Current and former service users are represented on Second Step’s board, on every staff recruitment panel and they work with staff in each team to improve Second Step services.

Two of the main involvement groups in Second Step are the Stepping Forward Group and the Service Improvement Group.

We also run a dynamic Media Group which works with local community media to promote mental health recovery and wellbeing.  Our rallying call is: speaking up for mental health!