Saying no to criminalising people who are homeless

You may have seen that the UK Government is trying to pass new laws that would criminalise sleeping on the streets with a fine up to £2,500. We can’t let this inhumanity happen. 

If passed, the Criminal Justice Bill would mean people who are homeless in England and Wales could face fines or even prison for so-called ‘nuisance’ rough sleeping. 

Crisis has drafted an email for those opposing these proposals to send to their MPs.  

Our Chief Executive, Aileen Edwards, fully supports Crisis’ stance: 

“Here at Second Step, we understand that homelessness is often the result of adverse experiences. Factors including poverty, mental health difficulties or domestic abuse are all common contributors to someone sleeping on the street. It is not a choice people make willingly and nor is it something they should fear being fined for. I am encouraging colleagues to write to their MPs about this and hope that others will consider doing so too.” 

Second Step’s homelessness services help people, including those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, to find suitable accommodation they can call home.

Our services can be found in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Somerset

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