Local activities for men

To boost your wellbeing, why not explore various groups and activities in your local area. Participating in community-based initiatives can provide valuable support and help you feel like you belong. Whether it's joining hobby groups, sports teams, artistic communities, or connecting with gaming enthusiasts, find an activity that's right for you and in turn it can offer a positive impact on your mental health.


Activities for Men in Somerset

In the past year, Stepladder has provided funding for numerous projects throughout Somerset, facilitating the establishment and launch of activities and groups aimed at supporting men's wellbeing and discovering connections with like-minded individuals.

The Winston Innovation Fund
has actively funded a diverse range of initiatives, including Dad's Rock, fishing clubs, and regular meet up spaces such as Men's Shed.

Explore the interactive map below to discover opportunities in your area and get involved.

Find an activity near you

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Organiser of a group?

If you are involved in an activity or group that aims to support men in Somerset and would like to be featured please get in touch with your details. We might also be able to help support with funding from our Winston Innovation Fund.

Email: stepladdersomerset@second-step.co.uk