It’s the creativity that saved me: Create & Recover

For April’s Stress Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the detrimental impact of stress and to help people find ways to better manage their stress levels, we are launching our #createandrecover art exhibition showcasing works from Step Together clients, Stuart, Ben and David.

Although they have very different styles, they all share the same passion for a creative outlet which has helped them tremendously over the years in dealing with their thoughts and feelings. Getting creative and immersing themselves in their art has provided them with a means of escapism.

Stuart, who has travelled the world as a teacher, a graphic designer, a civil engineer, and a painter, describes himself as a classical realist. His paintings consist of lifelike portraits with incredible sharpness that look like photographs.

Ben’s interest in art started when he studied for a Diploma in 3D Design at college, so much so, he then went on to graduate with a degree in Fine Art. He uses lots of colour and is inspired by different landscapes and nature from around the world.

David says that through art he finds compassion and the ability to regain control so that he can thrive in the present.

You can find out more about them and see their paintings here.

For all, painting and creating art have been vital to each of them in their recovery, as it’s given them a time and space to reflect on their thoughts and view things differently. Being able to engage with their creative side and focus their energy on creating these beautiful paintings has enabled them to de-stress and express their feelings in ways they otherwise couldn’t put into words. As Stuart puts it: “it’s the creativity that’s saved me, and it can be a way to help others, too”.

Although there are many different ways a person can try to reduce their stress levels, creating art has been shown to be a great stress relief tool. Creating art can take your mind off things. Even if it’s just for a short while. As Stuart, Ben and David have proved, when you’re focused on creating beautiful artworks and drawing representations of what is causing you stress it can enable you to express emotions you may find tricky to put into words.

Take a look at our Bristol Wellbeing College and North Somerset Wellbeing sessions on managing stress.  You may also find useful videos on our YouTube channel.

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