Bristol’s first #CheersForChuesday launched

Yesterday saw the first #CheerForChuesday, this was to celebrate and thank those people and organisations who have come together to help Bristol’s homeless population. We spoke to Lisa from our Housing team who was pivotal in organising this, about why it was important to her.

This was important to me because during the pandemic I saw the outpouring of support from FB, Twitter and Nextdoor, so many people were really concerned about what would happen to people without a home or in unsettled accommodation.

Its communities in the times of crisis who can do great things, and I watched all these truly amazing people, many of whom don’t have much themselves, come together to help Bristol’s homeless community.

I felt so humbled that these organizations often run by volunteers came together to help to not only provide the essential things like a hot meal, clean clothes and a place to stay but also to be there and listen and support our most vulnerable in the city.

To be able to recognize and thank everyone even in the smallest of ways felt like the very least that we could do. Thank you to everyone involved and Lisa for taking the time to tell us more about this.

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