#HomeEqualsHope on BBC Radio Bristol

Paul, who is telling his story as part of our campaign Home Equals Hope, joined Second Step Chief Executive Aileen Edwards on BBC Radio Bristol’s health hour at the start of the city’s Homeless Awareness Week.

You can tune in to listen to the interview here (about 10 minutes in) BBC Radio Bristol Phil Hammond Show – Saturday 24 February.

Paul lost his home and all his belongings while he was treated in a psychiatric unit under a section. He told the show about the “fantastic support” he had received from Second Step where he said he “was listened to and started to feel valued again”. Paul is now starting to rebuild his life and make a home again with his dog, Mr Bailey with continued support from Second Step.

The connection between homelessness and mental health problems has become more pronounced recently. Aileen told listeners that 40% of homeless people have serious mental health issues and there is an increase in people receiving mental health support in hospital who are also homeless. Providing stable housing is often an important first step to helping people maintain their mental health and reconnect with their community.

Read Paul’s story here and listen here.

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