I didn’t know I could paint.

Jay’s world fell apart when his partner walked out on him while he slept. They’d been together for five years and he’d saved £10k for their wedding. He was holding down a good job at the time and was what you’d call a ‘functioning addict’

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Our #WhatMakesMeWell campaign is back for the summer. Kicked off with this one minute film from our Communications Manager.

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Talking Hope on air

Second Step’s Media Group continues to shine a light for good mental health and emotional wellbeing. We are a unique service in Bristol, in that our group is service user led, and run to provide a voice for people living with mental health problems.

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Is Housing First the answer?

Second Step’s Chief Executive Aileen Edwards was interviewed about a new Housing First pilot in Bristol on the BBC’s regional news programme Points West.

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I didn’t know I could paint.#GetReal – helping prevent male suicide#WhatMakesMeWellMental health support key to tackling homeless crisisTalking Hope on air