Bristol, a city of diversity, of change and of historical oppression. The seedy underbelly hidden from plain sight by society is lifting. Through tragic events over the last year, new generations will not accept these behaviours by men and society. How has this society made it acceptable to speak in a discriminatory and derogatory fashion? and why does it take tragedy for this to change? If you hear a friend or stranger talking about or acting towards women or individuals of different cultures (or anyone) in a derogatory way, speak up! Out these people and change will come. The old guard is leaving, change is coming, freedom, safety and equal rights to all.

Luke's testimonial

Anxiety is a difficult mental illness, with many ways to display itself. However, it can be overcome. While experiencing anxiety, it became very easy at times to become overwhelmed, unsure of oneself and abilities. Nevertheless, at times it allowed me to flourish. Control has now been taken back and flourishing is getting easier in these difficult times. It has allowed for reflection and understanding. Now anxiety does not control me, I control it. I am now truly me.