Image of Cheryl

My Welsh background is very much steeped in the Arts, particularly music and poetry. I have never considered myself an artist, per se; I believe this stemmed from negative school experiences. But I am learning that there are styles and genres that I can be more positive about and successful with.

The pieces I have created reflect the dark struggles I have faced throughout my life. But they also show an emergence from those difficult times towards the more positive and happier life I am building for myself today.

For example, the asemic compass is symbolic of the power and direction of my life - the changes that have happened and still happen as a natural course of everyday existence.

Life can still be a messy muddle at times, as unfathomable as the asemic writing.

The Dada-esque piece again reflects the times when I was and still am something of a muddle, all tied up in knots!

Cheryl's testimonial

I feel this course suited my abilities, raised my self-esteem and confidence to produce pieces that I am more confident to exhibit, and helped with my issues around my need for inclusivity. [They have been] a mindful oasis of calm amid the chaos!!