Transforming the Morning

Welcome to the first It’s About You blog post. To kick us off, we include poems written by staff members who came to our in-house lunchtime ‘Telling Your Story’ session. Focussing on the idea of transforming our perceptions of our day-to-day life, the session ended with participants writing a poem based on another member of the group’s journey to work.

Proving his is not just a mind for number crunching, finance’s Jem Cattle composed this short poem based on Jane Edmonds of PR & Comms morning commute:

From Cheltenham not ninety minutes far
A young boy’s energy inside your car
Resisting time
Holiday club
The football green is a welcome detour
But today’s programme holds greater allure
The rain, it pours as Bristol’s sun rises
Portland tickets offer no surprises

Many thanks to Jem for providing our first post content.

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