Second Step celebrates Black History Month

Today sees the start of Black History Month and this year we are celebrating it together as an organisation.

Below is everything that we have planned and where you can see them

  • Every Monday we will be spotlighting a few of the many important contributions throughout history from people of black heritage, celebrating black achievement and the rich cultural influences.
  • Each Wednesday on Instagram we are sharing favourite recipes from our staff and clients.
  • Fridays on Twitter we will share book, film and podcast recommendations sent in from people from across the organisation as well as What’s on around the region.
  • You can also read quotes from clients and colleagues on what Black History Month means to them.

To start the month we wanted to share this poem “Dear White West Country People” by Louisa Adjoa Parker. Louisa is based in Dorset and writes about her experiences of being dual heritage in a rural area as well as the impact of intersectionality on mental health.

Dear White West County People by Louisa Adjoa Parker

Aileen Edwards, Chief Executive Second Step said

Thank you so much to all involved in leading Second Step’s promotion of Black History Month.  Celebrating our Black communities is so important and this month is an opportunity for each of us, especially those in the majority population, to deepen our knowledge and understanding.  With the Addressing Racism work the organisation is currently undertaking we want to ensure we develop a more inclusive and collaborative culture at Second Step.

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