Stepladder Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is a pot of grant money administered and delivered by Stepladder Somerset to improve the mental wellbeing of men across Somerset as a part of the Open Mental Health Alliance.

You can apply for a grant ranging from £300 - £1000 in year one of the project, up until March 31 2022. Increasing in years two and three. Amount available to be applied for will depend on experiences of year one.


Anyone that is proposing a project, event, training programme or group that supports men’s wellbeing and mental health in Somerset can apply.

Funding will be available for:

  • Proposals that support Men aged 18+ with improving their wellbeing and mental health
  • New projects or for equipment/resources that support new projects.
  • Somerset based proposals
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise groups
  • Local groups or individuals who are not constituted but have appropriate governance in place
  • Proposals that improve the wellbeing of at least five men.


Funding will not be available for:

  • Projects that are outside of Somerset. Including if the project crosses county boundaries.
  • To fund the existing costs of a current project
  • Proposals that do not focus on male wellbeing
  • Proposals that don’t start within one year of grant being delivered

Priority funding

The Innovation Fund is available to support any proposals that aim to improve men’s mental health but there are some priority areas which will be given preference:

  • Proposals that explicitly address suicide prevention of men
  • Projects that address Isolation/Loneliness - Particularly men who don’t live with their children and those that live alone
  • Projects that work in areas of deprivation. Areas of deprivation defined by those in the lowest 20% according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). Of which there are 25 within Somerset. There is information on this here.
  • Projects that work with men that work in construction or production industries.
  • Projects that address the mental health of men that live in rural areas including the farming community


Application Process

Download the Application Form here. The criteria can be found here.

If you have any issues with completing the form or would prefer a paper version please email or call Nick on or 07855 012317.

You can apply for a grant of less than £500 at any point. We aim to make a decision within 7 days of submission.

For applications over £500, decisions will be made by the Stepladder Steering Group that meet on the third Wednesday of each month. We aim to inform applicants within 7 days of this meeting.

Checks will be made as part of the application process before funding is awarded.