Together we can avert a surge in mental health need

Second Step is concerned that we could be sleepwalking into an unprecedented and unnecessary surge in mental health need.

As a leading mental health organisation in the South West, we are calling on our partners across the region to redouble our efforts and work even harder to ensure this doesn’t happen here.

That’s why today, as we publish our 2020 Impact Report, we’re urging national government to answer our call for extra and additional mental health funding to ensure we avert this potential disaster.

Mental health experts at the Centre for Mental Health recently spelt out their concerns in this report. Here they predict that up to 10 million people or 20% of the population will need either new or additional mental health support as the direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s essential we tackle this issue as a priority. With the right level of new funding – and not resources that we’re already expecting and have planned for – we will be able to support the thousands of people across the region who will need our help this winter.

Aileen Edwards, our Chief Executive, said:

“We’ve been working with our partners at the CCG to prepare for the surge in need and some money has been found. But it’s absolutely vital that we have more support from central government – and not just the investment already promised.

“By working together we can transform lives – as the stories and statistics show in our Impact Report.”


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Download our Impact Report here.

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