Poetry Without Words Launches

Wonderful learners from our innovative Poetry Without Words course today launch an online exhibition to showcase their work.

The culmination of six weeks learning with the Bristol Wellbeing College, learners expressed their creativity and personality to produce a wide variety of expressive art.

Paul Hawkins, the brains behind the course and volunteer tutor, said:

“The Poem Brut movement is a source of inspiration, support and a rich site of collaboration and learning. To have been able to collaborate with Second Step tutor Ali McAllister and put together the Poetry Without Words course has been incredible. The first course we ran was amazing; genuinely exciting and unique in its mix of participants, whose enthusiasm, interest, appetite for trying something new, sense of mutual support and humour made me feel proud to have been a part of. Here’s to the future!”

You can read Paul’s story on our blog.

Allison, who attended the course and has some of her work in the exhibition, said:

“I became so indulged in the course due to the careful planning, research activities and generation of creative ideas that I forgot my ongoing issues as I pressed in to the course. Tailored to individual needs yet enabling high quality learning is the master stroke of the course. Elevating people with mental health issues into poets and artists takes them out of an isolating and isolated experience into a collective of shared stories and the interweaving of lives in this way is powerful.”

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