Five Ways to Wellbeing – and celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day celebrates its 50th year today – April 22. It’s a day that is recognised around the world where people are asked to demonstrate support for environmental action and protection.

With the current pandemic changing the way we ‘normally’ live and work, most of us will be unable to venture out as much as we might like. We’ve put together a list of ideas that can help you celebrate Earth Day, and help your mental health and wellbeing too.

Be active

If you can, go for a walk and find your nearest nature spot. Have a look at the trees, the flowers, and the sky as you walk. Can you spot any wildlife or insects? Marvel at how wonderful our world is and note how important it is that we take care of it. Count how many steps you do. You could do all of this in your back garden if you would rather stay at home.


Spending time connecting with the natural world is great for our wellbeing. An article in the Guardian last year said that scientists at the University of Surrey have been studying the “restorative benefits of birdsong.” They discovered that, of all the natural sounds, bird songs were said to have helped people recover from stress, and helped them restore and refocus their attention.

Listen to RSPB ‘Let Nature Sing’ or search for it on Spotify

Take notice

Looking around where you are and noticing what is around you, helps to keep you grounded. Have a look out of your window now and notice what nature you can spot. How many different types of trees can you see? And what can you hear?


While some of us may have some spare time during this pandemic, use the time to learn something new or make something new to do with the natural world. You could:

            Build a bug hotel

            Learn how to stargaze using SkyView app

Try one of our therapeutic art sessions through our Wellbeing College Youtube channel. Wellbeing Coordinator Sophie here uses a shell in this mindful drawing session.

Pick some flowers and learn how to press them:


During this difficult time, it’s even more rewarding to show an act of kindness to someone you know or a stranger. On this Earth Day you could send a friend a nature-themed picture or card – you could even make your own – and tell them how much they are appreciated. Or you could give a neighbour a pot-plant or sew some seedlings and pass them on.

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