My art is a positive form of escapism

Two pieces of Martin Dagger’s art will be shown at a Bristol exhibition devoted to the artwork of homeless men. Martin knows what it’s like to be homeless, although he is currently living in supported housing run by Bristol-based mental health charity Second Step.

Explaining why he draws and paints, Martin said: ” I started doing drawings, paintings primarily – due to limited access to materials – in mental hospitals. Due to the low sensory stimuli environment, I started to experiment with form and colours to create a pastime where I could express myself. It was something exciting battling against the mundane and restrictive atmosphere inside psych’ wards. It felt like a form of rebellion. I used it and still do til this day as a positive form of escapism.”

The exhibition, entitled People, is part of Bristol’s Homeless Awareness Week. It’s being held at City Hall Deanery Road Vestibule in College Green, Bristol, and is open to the public from 10am til 4pm from Monday 26 February until Friday 2 March. Click here to find out more.

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