Learner Support Needs Form

In order to ensure that we meet your needs and that you have an enjoyable learning experience please can you answer the following questions. Please note that this information will be kept confidential and is only used to assist the tutor to meet your needs.

Learner Support Needs Form


Learning Support

Do you need assistance with reading/writing/other needs (e.g. dyslexia)? What assistance do you need?

Communication Needs

Do you have any communication needs (i.e. large print format, hearing loop?) What are they?

If you require large print, please specify your preferred font type and size.

Mobility Needs

Do you have any mobility needs and or access requirements? What are they?

Mental Health Needs

Do you have any mental health needs that may affect your learning (e.g. feeling anxious in groups)? What are they?

Other Support

Is there anything else that may affect your learning experience (e.g medication effecting concentration)? Please tell us about this.

Further Information

Is there any further information you would like from us?